Sofiia Romanovska

UVIC, Math and Stats Department

3800 Finnerty Rd, Victoria, BC V8P 5C2                










University of Victoria

Masters Degree, Applied Statistics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

MITACS scholarship, Uvic graduate studies award

Supervisor: Laura Cowen


Institute of Applied System Analysis, National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Bachelor’s Degree, Systems and Methods of Decision-Making


July 2016

International Summer Institute for Business Management, Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia)

Certificate of Completion, 6.0 credit hours (12 ECTS)

Modules passed:_Business Communication (A+, Award for the Best New Venture Project); International Business; Entrepreneurship; Service Management (A+)



Lyceum of Information Technologies, Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University (Dnipro, Ukraine)

Secondary Degree with Honors, IT and Mathematics stream



Secondary Eco-Economic School No 67 (Dnipro, Ukraine)


Independent Coursework:

-       Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau (Duke University on Coursera Platform, May 2016)

-       Introduction to Data Science, Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (UKU&IBM Canada, February 2016)

-       Data Science Track: The Data Scientist Toolbox, Getting and Cleansing Data, R Programming (Johns Hopkins University on Coursera Platform, 2014-2015)

Technical skills:

-       Programming in C#/C++, Pascal, HTML, website architecture and modeling

-       Practical experience with SPSS Statistics, R, GeNIE, Netica, Matlab, R, SQL, Tableau Desktop, MS Excel and all products of MS Office; database management (MS SQL, MS Access)

-       Basic understanding of SAS Base, Oracle, Java


“Evaluating citizen science Golden Eagle migration data collected by the Rocky Mountain Eagle Research Foundation, Mount Lorette, Alberta 1993-2018” graduate Project

Objective: Evaluate the quality of Citizen Science data, collected by volunteers.

 “Development of the Decision-Making System for the Prediction of Exchange Rates Trajectories, Based on the Monte-Carlo Simulation Algorithm”, Graduate Thesis at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, May 2017

Objective: Design and develop in C# a system that, after populating it with existing portfolio data, will evaluate and forecast the value and VaR of each currency position, as well as provide recommendations for portfolio rebalancing

Methods/Tools applied: Modified Monte Carlo Simulation Method (8-step); Modelling of Market Exchange Rates on the basis of Geometric Brownian motion; Cholesky Decomposition for the Correlations of Exchange rates; Regression Modelling; Simulation-based optimization; Programming in C#


Course Project “Using Bayesian Models to Estimate the Economic Conditions of Enterprises”, Mathematical Economics Course, Spring 2016


Team lead; publicly defended the project’s findings

Objective: Predict the probability of the financial default of given organizations on the basis of real financial data

Methods/Tools applied: Modeling and Prediction of Nonlinear Processes, Bayesian Forecasting Methods, Building of Bayesian Networks; Use of GeNIe and Netica software


Final Project,  Financial Consulting Course, Institute of Applied System Analysis Case Club, 2016

-        Objective: Evaluate actual market price of Ukrtelecom (Ukrainian telecommunications company) on the basis of real accounting data

-        Methods/Tools applied: Quantitative and Qualitative Research of Ukrtelecom’s activities, Accounting Analytics (Ratios and Forecasting, DuPont Analysis, Earnings Management, Discretionary Accruals Models, Cash Flows and Net Present Value analysis); Preparation of consulting report

Course Paper “Statistical Methods and Techniques in Solving Socioeconomic Problems”, 2015

Objective: Research and process real financial data, develop forecasts of particular financial indicators (such as Adjusted Closing Price) through the use of time-series analysis

Methods/Tools applied: Data Processing including filling the blanks and data discretization; Developing Decision Trees through the methods of CHAID (5 levels) and CRT (3 levels), Logistic Regression and Probit Model; Use of IBM SPSS predictive analytics software


“Case Champ” Analytical Competition, Institute of Applied System Analysis Case Club, 2013-2014

Led a group of four people, was responsible for the final presentation; Top 20 Speakers Award in oral rounds

Objective: Assess market position of Coca-Cola, provide strategic solutions to increase enterprise profitability

Methods/Tools applied: Cross-disciplinary research, collecting and analyzing unstructured data from main company markets (North and South America & Eurasia), Predicting Future state, decreasing uncertainty levels, Building STEP, Porter, and SWAT models


-        Interpersonal Skills: Advanced Research/Analytics skills, High Adaptability, Exceling in both Leadership&Teamwork, Excellent Communication, Presentation and Persuasion Skills, Ability to Stay Efficient Under Pressure, Optimism.

-        Hobbies: Tennis, Snowboarding, Boxing, Dancing, Sprint Running, Singing, Travelling (15 countries so far).