Sharoff P

I am Sharoff, a graduate researcher in the Department of Computer Science at University of Victoria(UVic), Canada where I work under the supervision of Dr. Nishant Mehta to solve complex Machine Learning Problems. I am currently working on developing a feasible Learning policy for various Online Learning (Multi-armed Bandits) and Reinforcement Learning problems. I am always up for having conversations revolving around Reinforcement Learning, General Intelligence, AI in general. Apart from Machine Learing, I also enjoy developing applications from stratch.


Technical Skills:

  • Programming Languages
  • Python/ Java/ C/ C++/HTML5/CSS/Javascript
  • Web Technology
  • API development with Django/jQuery/Rest services in Java/Bootstrap(front-end)
  • Others
  • R/ Matlab/ Git-version control/ AWS/ LaTeX/ Simulink/ Ansys Fluent/ Comsol/ Photoshop
  • Database
  • PostgreSQL / DynamoDB / Access
  • Operating Systems
  • Windows, UNIX & linux(Red Hat, Ubuntu, Mac)

Recent activities:

A Learning agent with the ability to wait or terminate a process for maximizing reward.
- with theoretical regret bound guarantees!
- with empirical performance comparison

My work is now available in arXiv !!! give a read

— Sharoff (@onsharoff) March 16, 2020