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Email: hananabousaleh (at) uvic (dot) ca
LinkedIn: haabousa

For my full C.V., please see the link to a downloadable, pdf-version above (which will open in a new tab, as will all the links below).

About Me

Currently, I'm a grad student at UVic in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics working on my Master's degree in Statistics. My Supervisor is Julie Zhou. My research interests include statistical computing and robust statistics, which I have been studying in tandem with optimal designs for various regression models. For my research in my current program, I hope to investigate convex optimization techniques and algorithms for optimal designs of regression models.

I am working as a sessional instructor in my department for the Spring 2023 term, teaching Stat 261. (Calendar page)


Msc Statistics, UVic, Expected August 2023.
BSc Statistics with Distinction, UVic, April 2021.

Authored Works

  1. Abousaleh, H., & Zhou, J. (2023). Minimax A-, c- and I-optimal regression designs for models with heteroscedastic errors. Can J Statistics, 51(1), 258-274. doi:10.1002/cjs.11674
  2. Dasylva, A., Goussanou, A., Ajavon, D., & Abousaleh, H. (2019). Revisiting the probabilistic method of record linkage. arXiv:1911.01874.

Conference Talks

  1. CSSC 2022
      The PDF slides for my talk can be found here. The duration of my talk was about 13 minutes, with a brief 2-minute discussion afterwards.
      Note that I made annotations during my presentation, so the slides alone may seem a bit empty.
      Please e-mail me if you would like the TeX template for these slides. I am more than happy to share them!
      I am also extremely humbled and honoured that my talk won the award for Best Oral Presentation in the Master's level.

Data Art

Something I like to dabble in from time to time is data art, where one utilizes graphing in their preferred programming language to create a picture or an abstract art piece. I'm still a beginner in this, but it's fun nonetheless. Here are two examples, with the R scripts below them for download.

A Simple Flower :)

View the Script      Download it

Statistical Bragging (artfully)

i made this
View the Script       Download it