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        University of Victoria
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        Victoria, B.C.
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Office:   David Turpin Building A457

Telephone:   250-472-5691 (Office)

A bit about myself

Research interests

I am interested in C*-algebras, and their relationships with topological dynamical systems. In particular, I am quite curious about the dynamical systems arising from substitution tilings, and iterated function systems - there are surprising connections between such geometrical objects and operator algebras!

Mathematics Enrichment

I have been involved in various mathematics enrichment programs from 2016 to the present. Here is a summary of these programs, the courses I have contributed, and some resources to go along with them.

Just for fun

  • Tilings Encyclopedia
  • A glossary for research reports from the book A Random Walk in Science [R. L. Weber, E. Mendoza (Ed.)]
  • Kumiko craftsman - Keisuke Matsubayashi